Where do you operate?

In Puerto Rico’s 100 x 35 miles!  We go everywhere  you need us.  Jobs outside this area may attract a travel charge (Vieques, Culebra, Palomino and USVI).

What’s the quality of the photos like?

Amazing! No, seriously, our photos are pretty sweet! It’s all in the lighting folks. We use studio quality lighting and equipment – which, as the name implies, makes people look (even more) beautiful (than they already were).

How is the print quality?

Our dye-sublimation printers are top of the line.  Prints do not smudge, and come out anywhere from nine to fourteen seconds!

Can we have our event details on the photo output?

Of course! We’ll customize it with your text and details. One month before your event date, we will contact you and ask you for your colour scheme, template style, font, and message. We’ll come up with a proof to show you before you give the final, “OK!”

How many copies of the print do we get?

After each session, the photo booth will print one copy of the 4″ x 6″ photo or if you choose to have photo strips (2″ x 6″) you will get two of them.  Of course, you can use the photo booth as much as you like for the time that you have hired it.

Are digital copies of the images included?

Yes! You will receive a PenDrive with all your photo booth images same day of your event.  We will also upload them to an online gallery where you will be able to download them from there.

Do you provide Props?

Definitely! We have so tons of silly hats, wigs, glasses, signs and much more!  All of this is included in our packages. We will have all the props ready for your event and if there is something you’d like, just be sure to let us know or simply bring it the night of your event.

Is the photo booth manned?

Yep. Each photo booth hire comes with two of our very lovely photo booth attendants.  They will set everything up, make sure it all runs smoothly, interact with your guests and then pack everything up at the end of the hire.

Is it easy to use?

Sure is.  It works like magic.  The attendants will just tap on the touch screen to get going.  The photo booth then counts them down, and takes the photos.  At the end, the photos print out.  Like magic (did we mention it works like magic?)

Can the photo booth be setup anywhere?

The booth is portable and can go pretty much anywhere without fuss.  We do need to factor in the weather and, as this is an open style photo booth, if the event is outside (during the day) we ideally need to be under cover away from direct sun.  Just chat to us, and we’ll be happy to discuss your plans.