Experience superior quality photo in our portable Photo Studio!


With our open photo booth we use state of the art studio lightning and professional DSLR cameras to create the most crispy and vibrant photos.   Then, we print them in a really cool design on our lab-quality printers for your guests to enjoy.

Our setup is over the top, maintaining a visual and pleasant appearance maintaining a delicate look that does not interrupt the decoration of your event.

Selfie Booth

A fun and memorable experience for your guests!


Sporting a sleek design, our Selfie Booth will enlighten your guest with fun Photos, GIFs and Boomerangs.   With an extensive variety of digital props, your guests can transport themselves into awesome pictures.   Photos, GIFs and Boomerangs can be shared instantly by your guests.

This booth can provide analytics of usage to measure the impact of your event.   It also can be branded to match your brand or event look.

Selfie Roamer

What if we take the Photo Booth to the people?


Our Selfie Roamer moves among your guests taking the Photo Booth experience to where they are. We move among people to bring them fun in photos, GIFs and boomerangs.  Your guest can share their photos to the most popular social networks as well as text messages and emails.

Analytics of the event are shared at the end of the event so you can measure participation at your event.  A Photo Booth with the freedom to Roam!

Selfie Spinner 360°

Let’s go for a SPIN!


Bringing the 360-experience to life in Slow-Motion, Fast-Motion and Boomerang. Guests stand on the platform and a camera mounted to a rotating arm captures your guests in 360 degree.

Our Selfie Spinner 360° automated process allows us to add music and your branded overlay to video clips in a matter of seconds. This means that your guests can share content with friends and social media followers right after recording their video.  Let our 360 Video Booth capture every move that is busted and pose that is struck at your event!


We’re not trying to be cool but sadly there are only 365 DAYS PER YEAR and they fill up quickly. If you want OUR PHOTO BOOTH SERVICES, PLEASE make a RESERVATION today.